good panel saw cutting practices: provided are tips for optimizing panel saw usage and eliminating waste from the cutting operation.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
Panel saws are often called the main force of the woodworking workshop.
Here are some tips and tricks to consider when choosing-and using--
Horizontal panel saw. [
Slightly] Illustrations1.
Good cutting practice begins with good planning and organization in the office. 2.
The optimization package should be used to design the cutting mode and arrange the workload and throughput for the factory.
The cutting pattern should be sent electronically to the saw in the desired order to best meet the production requirements and eliminate the setting on the saw. 3.
Whether you are dealing with parts by route, personal work or other means, labeling to help track them through the factory is the best practice.
Labels can be colored. coded, bar-
Coding or equipment of radio frequency (RFID)
Chip to assist in tracking. 4.
At the end of the day for the production of pull materials for the next morning;
In this way, there will be no downtime in the morning. 5.
Maintenance is important.
Spend five to ten minutes cleaning the saw at the end of each day and 20 minutes at the end of each week. 6.
Do not uninstall the last part of the cutting cycle;
Pull it off the cutting line, load the next piece of paper into the saw\'s fixture, start the next cutting cycle, and then uninstall the last part.
This method will keep the free time to a minimum. 7.
Start the remake cycle as far away from the controller side of aw as possible.
In this way, there is room to turn the first strip or strip and orient them to cross. 8.
Make sure that the saw has enough air table space so that the operator does not have to unload the unfinished parts to make room to complete the cutting cycle. 9.
Drive the use of office staff with optimization procedures and available parameters.
Do not let the operator know the internal organs and determine how to use it.
Establish a simple storage system for the internal organs, label it when the internal organs are generated, and re-store the internal organs by optimizing.
Establish and implement the system. 10.
Know the number of steps required to go to the waste bin before the law and minimize it. 11.
If the saw used is positive
Load the model, always place the material on a scissor lift on one side away from the right angle fence, and first face the cross.
In this way, the panels can easily turn to the air table in front of the machine, which is much easier than pulling them to or pushing them to the table. 12.
Don\'t forget the tools to go to inventory.
Independent Air meters and scissor lifts can effectively reduce the fatigue of the operator, speed up the process of de-stocking and improve the throughput of parts.
Unloading operations, if possible, need to be reduced to sliding and placement movements, rather than lifting and handling movements. [
Slightly] Illustrations13.
When the remake is still happening, pre-
Place the first stripe strip to cross on the air float stage of the cross fence in order to minimize the transition time from tearing to crossing. 14.
Use the cutting/groove order available on the panel saw to accurately process the drawer components. 15.
During operator breaks or lunch, it is possible to program the panels to be bent around the radius, increasing throughput and reducing operator idle time. 16.
Develop fixtures for quick and accurate cutting of required components. 17.
Tracking of blade using laser display for instraight lining solid wood or trim Center Book
Single board panel matching the glue joint. 18.
Use the built-in panel saw
In the ability to remove pressure, such as the chance to eliminate the banana bow, the banana bow can be detached from the size and square.
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In order to eliminate waste, MI in the Netherlands must constantly review its materials and processes.
The company said that reducing the number of raw materials used to make products and maximizing the use of equipment in production are two key points of global responsibility.
One of the processes to reduce waste of Haworth research in the sealing process while maximizing production efficiency while reducing material use is the sealing edge.
Check the adhesive usage of Ed velthuse, a manufacturing engineer at Haworth to determine the polyurethane (PUR)
The adhesive is ideal for edge sealing applications.
The fine lines of PUR can provide strong, durable and long
Final bonding between the participation board and the support board, using a thin edge seal.
The company says this not only brings a cleaner look, but also reduces the natural resources used in the environment.
However, due to PURs\'s reaction to moisture in the air, velthuse faces the challenge of how to best handle PUR adhesives on production lines.
During the edge sealing process, Haworth used the Homag edge sealing device with the open wheel basin. [
Slightly] Illustrations
In order to fully optimize the PUR application system, the company determined that a closed Adhesive distribution system was required.
Haworth is using now with \"melt-on-
Together with Nordson\'s EB60V slot nozzle, create a control, closed adhesive application system.
\"Create a clean, high
\"Using efficient manufacturing processes, bonding high-quality finished products with thin, sturdy, durable adhesives supports Haworth\'s core values as a sustainable enterprise,\" Velthouse added . \".
Source: Woodworking Network.
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Multiple factors need to be taken into account when purchasing a drill or rig, including quality, reliability and product support ranking in the least important position. [
Slightly] Illustrations
* Other factors to measure include: productivity, reliability, user-
Friendly operation, setting time and floor space.
* The composition and configuration of the machine can also be played separately in the decision-making-making process.
Consider the weight of the base, the quality of the steel, the type of the table, the brand of the electronics, the presence of the PC front end, the document quality of the parts and electrical schematic diagram.
* Also consider the ability of the machine to communicate with the design software, the flexibility, and the ability to provide vertical and horizontal drilling.
* For the flexibility of parts placement, users should also look for multiple reference systems.
Selection of overhead CNC work Center
A fixed order
Side CNC drill and pin machinea feed-
The adoption of CNC rigs depends on many factors, including batch size, part properties, degree of automation, and productivity.
* From simple drilling to complex three-, four-and five-axis routing.
The drill spindle and user guide are constantly making progress to help with the installation of vacuum pods and guide rails.
Another area that continues to improve is the speed at which the flat panel and pod and rail machines operate.
* High Quality Tool and Tool brackets will minimize vibration and extend the life of the motor bearing of the router.
* Keeping the parts moving is also important for the overall quality of the cut.
In drilling, especially when Melamine is used, rigidity is very important for reducing debris and blowout.
Source: Woodworking Network.
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Make sure the blade is sharp and clean;
Dirty and blunt blades increase the risk of kickbacks. 2.
The use of a sharp knife-a hook-
Metal sheet mounted directly in the shape behind the blade--
Helps to prevent the upper and lower blocks after cutting from being combined together. 3.
Some models of saw are equipped with rip support wedges.
These are placed every 3 feet when cutting to keep the boards separate.
Prevent burning: 1.
Make sure the saw is aligned correctly and/or there may be adjustment or tilt situations.
Also make sure the blade is sharp;
Blades are the most common cause of combustion and debris. 2.
Make sure the right material saw is being used.
For example, if melamine is cut, the chip is obtained using a blade with a negative hook/rake and at least 60 teethfree cut. 3.
In order to get the best results, it is usually recommended to use a scoring knife.
This is feasible on many larger panel saws. 4.
Check the tension on the pressure cover to make sure it is snug on the material and the blade is penetrating through the correct depth from the back of the material.
Source: WoodwarkingNetwork.
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Expert advice: For cells-
Operating-based, increased CNC flexibility, configurable, and repeatability can increase productivity beyond what a fixed machine can offer.
* In determining when the store should choose CNC manufacturing instead of another method, the amount of paper carried out and the operation should be one of the first items to be considered.
* Remember that it takes time to learn software, collect and save correctly
Technical and training staff.
Most small companies that invest in the first CNC will be in 90-day mark.
Source: Woodworking Network.
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The following five tips will help you maximize the performance of your CNC router. 1.
On both sides of the sweep spoil plate.
This will eliminate the inconsistency in thickness, improve the flow of air, and allow the vandal to have more surfaces to catch. [
Slightly] Illustrations2.
The unused area of the quarantine table.
Configure the gasket to minimize open areas and place thin non-
Porous Materials on unused areas. 3.
Understand and use vacuum gauges.
In the case of closing the machine valve, establish the maximum vacuum of the pump.
Please pay attention to the pressure drop when the machine is running. 4.
Select the correct part hold system.
Available systems include a vacuum cup or clamping system for CNC machining centers, a vacuum cup for flat panel routers, and any type of machine that can use a custom breaker plate.
Work with your suppliers to make sure you use the best technology. 5.
Chipload is equal to the thickness of the chip removed.
To increase the rpm, increase the feeding speed/reduce rpm/use less grooves.
To reduce chipload, reduce the feeding speed/increase rpm/use more flutes.
Source: Bill Blackmon, CNC Busellato CNC product manager, busellatocas.
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Service staff for cabinets, business cases, wood products, institutional furniture and countertops. [
Slightly] Illustrations
\"The way our business is built is that we can quickly adjust and move into or out of different areas of our industry,\" said president/general manager Robert Hamlin . \".
\"We will continue to work on residential work and we will be hit hard when it becomes strong.
Then, if it slows down, we can put more things into different types of business activities, which is still a big part of our business.
Hamlin, a strong supporter of technology including design and engineering software, said it had a positive impact on northwestern wood products.
The company uses the Cabinet Vision software from planit.
Northwest wood products changed to nested-
Based on annual manufacturing.
\"I believe in nesting --
\"Hamlin said.
\"I\'m sold by this technology now ---
The square of the part, its safety factor.
It\'s not like training someone to program parts in the past, and it doesn\'t need to process paper manually, cutting all the parts on one asaw at a time.
\"Because we do run small batches and complex things, you can\'t beat it because of the wiring ability to cut all the large and small parts,\" he added . \".
\"You can mix simple parts and complex parts on the same piece of paper, then cut it and mix the curve with a square because we have real-shape nesting.
Everything has become very advanced.
\"The company is using the Biesse Rover.
4 CNC machining centers in Itsnested-
In addition, the wood products Northwest\' sshop includes Biesse edgebander, andAdwood boring machine with Oudon multi-platform saw.
Source: Woodworking Network.
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\"Stick\" glue pan can be used with a good non
At the end of the production run, the coating is glued by inserting a wooden stick into the main chamber of the glue pan, while the glue is still melting.
After the glue is hardened in the pan, open the heating element for 5 minutes or more to melt the outside edge of the glue.
Pull the stick, remove all the glue in the pan and discard it. 2.
According to the manufacturer\'s specifications, maintain the proper glue temperature during the production process. 3.
Reduce the glue temperature if production will stop for more than an hour.
If the glue stays in the pan at this temperature and does not move for too long, the filling in the glue will begin to be oxidized or burned to the inner chamber of the glue pan and reduce the performance of echbande. 4.
Check the glue pan shoe adjustment to confirm that the panel is not sticking out the rubber roller as this will create excessive wear and tear.
This can be checked using solid straight edges and small strips of waste paper.
The Straight Edge should not touch the roller when placed on the shoe, however, it should remain 1-
2 The thickness of the waste paper is nestled between theroller and the straight edge. 5.
Check the \"gate grinding\" because the gate should not exceed the rubber roller.
This will wear the gate and rubber roller and will require expensive replacement.
Make sure that the return door does not close the roller than the application door, as this will eliminate the glue scraping from the roller to the door on the production floor. About1/16-in.
The difference is enough.
Source: sovereign machine
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Stiles machinery.
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