Goratu Machine Tool actively explores the Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-17
Spain Goratu Machine Tool Co., Ltd. recently welcomed a new order and sold a planer-type milling machine GTM2 to a domestic company. It is equipped with Haydenham ITNC 530 CNC system. The worktable size is 1500×1500mm, the stroke is 2000mm, and the maximum load is 10 tons. Vertical height 2000mm. The chain-type tool magazine has a capacity of 40 pieces. The water outlet from the center of the main shaft is 20bar, advanced fully enclosed protection and reliable manual universal head. The machine has a flexible design with optional turning functions. It is very suitable for machining small and medium parts. This has been recognized by a wide range of overseas customers, such as aerospace parts processing companies. At present, there are also many domestic customers who are contacting and conducting technical exchanges. The planer type milling machine adopts a ram structure to ensure good rigidity. The ram protrudes 1200mm. The column moves back and forth by 1000mm or 1500mm. In this way, the movement of the column and the extension of the ram, the total horizontal and vertical stroke of this machine tool can reach 2700mm, and the processing range is large. It is a very good choice for processing deep holes and other processes. In addition, the planer-type milling machine is also a good cost-effective choice for processing large annular disk-shaped workpieces. For example, the annular filling cylinder on the large beer and beverage filling machine. Usually the diameter of the filling cylinder is 3-4 meters, and the maximum can reach 6-7 meters. The planer table milling machine series GTM2, GTM3 and GTM4 of Spain Goratu Machine Tool Company can meet the corresponding processing requirements. For example, vertical holes (usually more than 80-100 holes) are processed on the annular horizontal surface of the filling cylinder, and then horizontal holes are processed on the vertical surface of the annular outer side of the filling cylinder. Equipped with automatic vertical-to-horizontal conversion or a universal head, it can be processed at any angle. In a word, after entering the Chinese market, Spain Goratu Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has been initially recognized by customers in a relatively short period of time, not only for the milling machine series, but also for the lathe series. The company is planning to expand into other application markets in a targeted manner. We expect that Goratu will welcome more domestic customers in the near future.
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