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by:Gewinn     2020-06-07
I started my work life with apprentice fitters and car workers from a major manufacturer in Australia, 1985 I started working and using lathe milling machines, vertical and horizontal borers and some large machinery.
At this time, the industry began to manufacture engineering components using computers.
Introduce Windows 3.
That\'s how I started.
I went through all the incarnations of Windows and set up a large computer department for the manufacture of components.
Manage and supervise 20 CNC machining centers and a large group of apprentices.
During this period, I was also fortunate enough to teach many apprentices engaged in heavy engineering and industrial safety practices.
I occasionally do consulting work for engineering companies to improve their corporate structure (IE)
What caused us unnecessary expenses, how we saved money, how we improved our processes and so on.
After 25 years of experience.
We have an 8-axis machining center that can make anything from washing machines to shuttle components.
I\'m 45 now and it\'s time to do something for myself and others and apply my experience and skills to making money online.
Therefore, it is now a problem in the structure and marketing practice of the financial management company. my years of production planning and project management have enabled me to establish a good relationship online.
My computer knowledge and computer research have also been completed.
Certificate 4 in computer programming.
Basic, Intermediate and advanced computer numerical control programming and language.
A bachelor\'s degree in computer science is currently being studied.
Web design, HTML, CSS
Manufacturer of fitter, lathe and tools.
Swinburne Institute of Technology, Box Hill TAFE, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
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My current activities on the Internet include the management and development of cerjoe. com.
In addition, guest bloggers are welcome and encouraged.
I am here to help me share my knowledge and expertise in internet marketing or any aspect of how to make money online.
I will even help those who have engineering problems, or those young people who wish to get some engineering advice, these are practices that can be applied to Internet marketing that operates companies or even small projects, there is no difference from operating the site, the ultimate goal of both is to make money.
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