green line boss makes pitch for 1 tunnel through downtown calgary, not 2

by:Gewinn     2019-08-12
When it comes to building the LRT tunnel in downtown Calgary, the person in charge of the project said that a large tunnel might be better than two smaller parallel tunnels.
The idea was submitted to the city\'s transportation commission on Thursday.
Calgary will introduce a large tunnel rig for the construction of fourkilometre-
Through the long underground section of the city\'s core.
Calgary\'s goal is to collect 5 Ramsey properties in order to make room for the Green Line LRTLRT cars after 80 s, which need to be phased out, and the machines of the Calgary Transportation Association will be large.
This city is looking at a 14-
Meters in diameter.
Paul Giannelia, general manager of the Green Line project, said that digging a larger, single tunnel to accommodate two tracks and smaller tracks would have great benefits, bringing the double tunnels of each holda single LRT track.
\"A single tunnel eliminates the need for depth, openness --
Because the tunnel itself became a station, the station was cut off . \"
For neighboring buildings and businesses, this means the disruption of the ground.
It also saves costs associated with the relocation of underground utilities, he said.
A tunnel can also save money because there will be fewer buildings around each station.
\"During the construction process, both pedestrians and vehicles have less impact on the travel public,\" Giannelia said . \".
\"This is a great advantage and a great harvest.
\"By December, he said they would realize how much money could be saved by switching to a tunnel.
One of his goals for the Green Line is to offer the first phase of $4. 6-billion mega-
Complete the project on time at the lowest possible cost.
Changes in access to move to a single tunnel may lead to changes in the way people visit four subway stations located at 16 N Avenue
S Second Avenue. W.
Seventh Avenue. W.
Central Street, 12 S AvenueE. Coun.
Drew Farrell says she has less concerns about the single versustwin tunnel than she has about what this decision means to the area above the station.
\"My concern, of course, is that the community cares about it and deviates from the approved plan to develop a train plus the area around the train,\" Farrell said . \".
More information is expected to be provided to the city council in December.
Preparations for the Green Line continue.
The landfill is being demolished next to the Future high field station, utilities are moving and property is being acquired.
Construction of the Green Line is expected to begin in 2020.
The first 20 kilometers of the line will eventually extend from north to southeast and are scheduled to be put into use in 2026.
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