Guiyang woodworking machinery usually pay attention to?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
1. Woodworking machinery and equipment must be set of personnel management, and according to the cleanness, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, anticorrosive cross operation method, to serious maintenance of mechanical equipment, woodworking machinery equipment must receive allow managers, to do not understand the woodworking machinery equipment and the safe operation of knowledge, computer operation is not permitted. 2. Must check the power supply wiring is correct before starting work, all electrical insulation parts are in good condition, whether the fuselage has reliable grounding protection by zero or protection. 3. Must be checked before use blade, saw blade installation is correct, fastening are in good condition, the safety cover, shield, such as whether effective. 4. Before use must empty test run, after normal speed, then through 2 - 3 minutes idling, confirmed after no abnormalities, feeding started working again. 5. Mechanical equipment running process, prohibit to adjust, maintenance and cleaning work and so on, the operator sleeves to be tied tightly. 6. Processing the old stock before, must be nails, gray scale, such as removal of snow and ice after the computer processing. A: buy wood processing center need to be aware of the six the next problem: how to correctly operate CNC cutting machine?
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