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how to use a wood router for beginners


                                                                                   Learning to use a wood router is beneficial.
The router allows beginners to add styles to wood items such as professionals.
The router is a basic tool for each woodhop, as it has flexibility in configuration in place.
Routers can create shapes, models, profiles, and curves.
Regardless of the application, the wood router must first learn to use the angular rounding bit to get the feel of the router in your hand.
Clamp the Poplar Board to the edge of the workbench so that the edge of the board extends to the edge of the workbench.
The router rotates clockwise, so the edge of the board should be on your right.
The router will be used to cut wood according to the rotation of the drill bit.
Open the chassis and remove the router and two wrenches that come with the router kit.
The small wrench installs the shaft of the router and protrudes from the motor of the router.
The larger wrench installs the large nut at the end of the router.
Place the two wrenches in their respective positions.
Keep the small wrench stable and turn the large wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the nut.
Slide the bit into the router collet until the bottom of it.
Router collet is the hole at the end of the nut you just released.
Hold the small wrench and tighten the big nut and use the small wrench to apply the torque when you tighten the big nut.
Grab the router with both hands and use the appropriate handle on both sides of the router.
Set the router on the Poplar Board and slide the drill bit to the wood.
Under the router base, see where the drill bit will touch the wood.
Loosen the knob on the side of the router to lock the depth of the router bit.
There is a depth meter on the right side of the router.
Turn the knob clockwise to lift the bit, turn counter-clockwise to lower the bit until the cutting edge of the bit is centered on the edge of the plate.
Tighten the depth-locking knob.
Hold the router firmly with both hands.
Remove the bit from the wood but keep the router base on the board.
There will be a switch within the distance of your thumb arrival.
Keep both hands on the router, turn on the switch, and prepare the recoil of the router at the start of the motor.
Easily place the drill bit into the wood until the bearing at the bottom of the drill is in contact with the wood.
As you slowly step back, start pulling the router to your body, pull the router along the edge of the wood, and let the bearing slide along the side of the wood.
When you reach the end of the board, let the router slide down from the board.
Reach out with your thumb and turn off the router.
Let the bit slow down and stop spinning before setting up the router.                                                                            

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