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hsl to buy more tunnel boring machines for projects


                                                                                   Kuching: Han Shengli Bhd (HSL)
Additional tunnel rigs will be obtained (TBMs)
According to managing director Datuk Paul Yu Zhihao, the plant and machinery facilitate the implementation of two major sewage treatment projects worth more than 1 yuan.
In 2010, the construction company invested about 22 million yuan on four advanced TBMs to implement the centralized sewage project in Kuching (package one). The laser-
The guided TBMs facilitates the non-excavation installation of the underground drainage pipeline system to ensure minimal environmental damage.
Kumpulan Nishimatsu, HSL and its consortium partner, won the RM750mil Sewage Treatment Project (package two)
Last year, after completing the rm30 Mill package.
Yu Minhong said that the second package of projects is in the preliminary planning stage and site and soil surveys are under way.
HSL holds a 75% stake in the consortium, and about three months ago, HSL obtained Miri\'s sewage treatment plant and sewer network project with the contractual value of RM333mil.
Yu recently said: \"The sewage treatment projects in Kuching and Miri extend to 2022 and 2021 respectively during the contract period, and will see HSL build on the expertise of tunnel drilling technology.
He described the sewer and the pot.
HSL has obtained a work package worth RMB 1.
As the largest and most technically challenging job in company management.
Kuching\'s centralized sewage package 2 includes the construction and commissioning of sewage treatment plants, main, secondary and tertiary sewers, the connection to the property, the provision of processing plants and equipment and related construction, mechanical and electrical works.
Based on the Singapore model, the project collects gray and black water and transports it to underground treatment plants where it is treated as clean water and then discharged back into the environment.
More than 2,800 properties, including commercial buildings and hotels, are connected under the first package.
The Miri project will cover the construction and commissioning of earthwork works, sewage treatment plants, sewer networks, intermediate pumping stations and property connections.
Yu said HSL and its union
Venture capital company, based on zayemalAsia)
Sdn Bhd is making progress
Borneo Highway project
The package includes 75.
The road is 97 km kilometers, including the construction of several intersections and bridges including Highway 1.
The Durin bridge on the stretch River in central Sarawak is 7 km kilometers.
In order to facilitate the implementation of road and sewage treatment projects, Yu said that in addition to setting up the usual on-site office at the project site, HSL has set up operation centers in Sibu and Miri.
Yu Minhong said that HSL had obtained a new contract worth Ma coins in the first quarter ended March 31, 2017 (Q1’17)
Make the order Reach 2 yuan.
8bil, of which rm2.
4bil did not open the bill.
In q1 \'17, the construction team recorded a set of pre-
The tax profit is yuan, and the income is yuan compared with yuan.
The previous quarter was 5mil and RM142mil respectively.
In the quarter, the real estate development sector contributed 13% to the group\'s profits.
According to Yu, the company currently undertakes more than 20 construction projects and 9 property development projects.
\"Some of the smaller projects, especially the infrastructure and construction work of the Sarawak renewable energy corridor, are about to be completed. “The mega-projects (
Roads and sewers
\"A more positive phase should be entered,\" he added . \".                                                                            

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