I company produces the punch manipulator reveals the strength of science and technology

by:Gewinn     2020-04-04
Our company the WWW. gmrcsk。 Com/is the most professional punch manipulator, mechanical parts, CNC punch press factory, shandong is the core of forging machinery manufacturing enterprises, is one of the member of China machine tool corporation. Punch and manipulator, Y axis and punch fixed bed, the X axis for the telescopic boom, and Z axis to cooperate to complete punch up-down material, especially is suitable for the loading plate parts. Truss of the robot is the important tool of automation factory at present, and its main function is carrying transfer objects, and then refined to need accurate positioning, card, reversing, adjust the posture, pallet, installation, and so on. Press the characteristics of the manipulator for up and down; More than 1, the degrees of freedom movement, each space for right Angle between degrees of freedom of movement. 2, automatic control, can repeat programming, according to the program is run in all types of sports. 3, generally by the control system, drive system, mechanical system, operating tools, etc. 4, flexible and multifunctional, due to the difference of operation tool function is different also. 5, high reliability, high speed and high precision. 6, can be used in harsh environment, and can work for a long time, easy operation and maintenance. According to different operating tools at the end, the rectangular coordinate robot can be very convenient for all kinds of automation equipment, complete, such as welding, handling, loading, packing, palletizing, crib, testing, inspection, classification, assembling, labeling, printing, code, Soft copy) Spraying and so on a series of work. Particularly applicable to many varieties, batch of flexible operation, for stability, improve product quality, improve labor productivity, improve working conditions and products of rapid upgrade plays a very important role.
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