Imported rotary vane vacuum pump in the sheet pile machine what are the advantages

by:Gewinn     2020-06-11

in wood processing and furniture manufacturing industry, in order to meet the growing demand for furniture in the world, customers need to continue to face to reduce costs, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and improve the technical challenges. Focus on the development of the rotary-vane vacuum pump, production and provide complete vacuum system solutions, for wood and furniture industry to provide professional products and services, it has a long history and rich professional experience. Suitable for woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry's unique vacuum solutions, including rotary vane vacuum pumps can be used for processing and clamping parts.

sheet pile unloading machine designed for the automatic production line of paper process. Sheet in the process, discharging pile machine first pick and separation of laminated plates ( Magnetic and non-magnetic) , plastic, wood or cardboard. Then sheet will enter the production line. Rotary vane vacuum pumps and suction cup is the best choice of collecting/separation paper, select the most appropriate suction cups to ensure effective separation of paper and to avoid slippage in processing.

so, imported rotary vane vacuum pump what are the advantages?

1, vacuum technology, and the optimizer application greatly reduces the energy consumption

2, automatic release function can quickly release internal vacuum suction cups, in a quick release of artifacts and improve the operation reliability.

3, the structure of the pump is designed for oily surface, in order to prevent the paper slip

rotary vane vacuum pumps and high productivity applications:

oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in all areas of the vacuum engineering, including industrial production and research and development, can be used to create rough and medium vacuum environment. It can be used alone, also can be used for other high vacuum pump or ultra-high vacuum pump or pump.

in the process of discharging board, using a rotary vane vacuum pump not only can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, can also be in shipment, empty speech to loosen the wood. By the hook. Workers in the most important thing is to help ensure that the quality of the timber transportation and storage. Above all, choose high quality rotary-vane vacuum pump is necessary. If you want to better complete the task, so for authentic rotary vane vacuum pumps, you can find the answer.

with the development of wood processing and furniture manufacturing, market of wood trim width is higher and higher demands are proposed. As a result, more and more easy to use metal plate automatic unloading device for easy operation. At present, there are few on the market for sheet metal automatic discharging device. The traditional sheet metal extrusion production line without automatic discharging device, but use the manual unloading. Need at least two manual unloading, this is not to be informed is added to the product manufacturer. The cost. In order to solve the phenomenon, with the passage of time the plate automatic unloading device. Plate unloading device's main function is to transform the fixed-length cutting plate automatic discharge to stacking the car, rotary vane vacuum pump used in discharge printing blocks. This application is mainly simple structure, no need manual operation, easy fabrication.

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