In detail the use of woodworking CNC lathe maintenance problems

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Woodworking CNC lathe is one of our utilization rate is quite high now processing machinery, its shape is very beautiful, machining efficiency is very high, can be in a very short period of time finished work out many times, is of great help to our industry, we instead of traditional processing method of a kind of effective measures, and use is very convenient, open the can use, use for a long time, can generally work over ten hours in a row, helped us a lot, it's job involves multiple aspects, can processing and the cylindrical inner hole and so on. Say so many, everybody in the use of all kinds of machinery, all need to pay attention to machine maintenance, today let's talk about the woodworking CNC lathe need how maintenance for. 1. Stop the machine after use to clear remaining in the wood chips inside the machine, especially the slide guide, rotation axis and screw this a few parts, there can be no absolute residual 2 of the clutter. Sliding guide rail, rotational axis and screw place after cleaning to clean also need them to make timely oil lubrication and maintenance. And a lubricant should choose oil bearing roller skating or machine lubricating oil, can not use gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil instead of roller skating oil, etc. Also can not lack of oil machinery operation under state. 3. Timing to tighten the fasteners of fixed-point operations, prevent due to long-term vibration part fasteners loose, increasing machine vibration, mechanical wear, cannot normal stable processing work, cause the processing precision of price variation, corrugated or deformation occurred. Offshore company prompt, limit switch cannot exist near the sundry, induction flat near there shall be no excess metal hanging objects, otherwise it will cause mechanical motion error, switch failure. That is about the detail use woodworking CNC lathe maintenance problem of all knowledge, hope can be helpful to all of you.
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