In May 2012, Japanese machine tool orders fell by 3% year-on-year

by:Gewinn     2022-06-07
The Japan Machine Tool Industry Association announced the accurate statistics of the machine tool orders of its member units in May 2012. Data show that Japan's machine tool orders totaled 104.841 billion yen, down 3% from the same period last year. The main reason is the decrease in external demand, which accounts for 70% of orders. Among them, European machine tool orders to Japan, where the debt crisis continued, fell by 32.2%. The total foreign demand orders in May were 72.234 billion yen, a year-on-year decrease of 4.7%. Among them, the European order value was 8.88 billion yen, which was less than 10 billion yen after three months. Thailand and India also saw a decrease in orders, which decreased by 10.8% and 76.3% respectively. The order value of India was 880 million yen, which was less than 1 billion yen after two years and eight months. North America and China saw an increase in orders. The North American order value was 21.65 billion yuan, an increase of 22.1%, and continued to grow for two consecutive months, breaking the 20 billion yen mark after 8 months. Orders from China rose 9.1%, the third consecutive month of growth. Japan's domestic orders amounted to 32.607 billion yen, an increase of 1%. Although orders for electrical appliances and precision instruments decreased, orders for automobiles increased by 36.8%, and overall orders showed an upward trend. In terms of different industries, both domestic and foreign auto industry orders have grown significantly, and U.S. auto orders have increased by 74.8%. In the electrical appliances and precision instrument industries, domestic demand in Japan decreased, and Asia increased by 21%.
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