In order to better use wood lathe for timing heating is very important!

by:Gewinn     2020-03-30
When check belt firmness, should never put a finger between the belt and pulley, easy broken fingers. Check the motor, mechanical systems, etc. , make sure there are no abnormal noise. Check each part of the wood lathe lubrication condition. See cover, door and other safety protective equipment is safe and normal operation. Check belt release, such as do not conform to the requirements of the specification, please adjust or change. The belt should be in good condition without damage. Spindle before operation, collet chuck or knob should be tight, in case the collet chuck jaw throw or fly out. To the wood lathe heating should be active under the operating state of the wood lathe without load, and the dichotomy of a wood lathe movement speed or a third wood lathe operation of 10 to 20 minutes, make the wood lathe to reach stable temperature. In active operation, wood lathe manufacturer on all moving parts are in accordance with the program operation actively, view the movement condition of the various moving parts together, should be smooth without abnormal noise. If the wood lathe aside for a period of time, must be carried out on the wood lathe operating temperature. To make a good wood lathe durable, safe reliable precision. Square timber, must first be processed into the cylinder at the lathe processing. Have a scar or crack of wood, is not allowed on the lathe cutting. Look at various parts of the lathe equipment and workers, fixture, whether sensitive. Workpiece clamping and plunger top tight, rolling test run with the hand, confirmed in good condition, can begin to work, and on the basis of hard and soft wood parts, choose the right the feed rate and rotational speed adjustment. In the process of turning workpiece shall not hand over to view the lubrication degree. Use sand paper burnish, should first will take place after you remove tool rest. Can't roll lathe, with the hand brake.
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