In the process of automatic polishing machine polishing the problems how to solve

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Automatic polishing machine polishing during the process of using excessive: in the daily problems during the polishing process is & # 39; Excessive polishing & # 39; , is refers to the polishing, the longer the mould surface quality is poor. Occurs there are two phenomena: excessive polishing is & # 39; Orange peel & # 39; And & # 39; Pitting & # 39; 。 Excessive develops in mechanical polishing cast light. ( 2) Artifacts appear & other; Orange peel & throughout; The cause of the irregular rough surface is known as orange peel, orange peel has many causes, the most common reason is due to the mold surface caused by the excessive heat or carburizing, polishing pressure and polishing time is too long & other; Orange peel & throughout; The main reason. Such as: polishing wheel polishing, polishing factory house, the heat generated by the polishing wheel will easily cause & other; Orange peel & throughout; 。 A hard steel to withstand more polishing pressure. The soft steel easily excessive polishing. Studies have shown that the polishing time changes along with the hardness of steel. ( 3) Eliminate artifacts & other; Orange peel & throughout; Measures when found that the surface quality of cast well, many people will increase the polishing pressure and prolong polishing time, the quality of this approach tends to make the surface become even worse. Can use the following method to remedy: ( 1) Remove defective surface, two way mold, grinding particle size use sand size slightly larger than the first level, and then to grinding, polishing the strength of the lower than previous. With lower tempering temperature 25 ℃ temperature stress relieving, use the fine sand in front of the polishing, grinding, grinding and polishing machine, until you reach satisfactory results, in polishing with lesser strength at last. ( 4) Surface & other; Pitting & throughout; Reasons because of some non-metallic impurities in the steel, is often hard and brittle oxide, from steel in the process of polishing surface is pulled out, form a crater or pitting, produce & other; Pitting & throughout; The main factors that have the following points: ( 1) Steel purity is not enough, hard high impurity content. 1) Polishing pressure, polishing time is too long, 2) Steel purity is not enough, hard high impurity content. 3) The mold surface rust. 4) Black is not clear
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