In the process of sealing side temperature would have what effect

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Mechanical sealing side hot melt adhesive performance influenced by temperature, so the temperature is very need to pay attention to in the process of sealing side. When the sealing side of hot melt adhesive temperature, substrate temperature, sealing side material temperature and working environment ( Mechanical workshop) The sealing side temperature are very important parameters. If the base material in semi-automatic machinery coating temperature is too low, will make the hot melt adhesive curing ahead of time, resulting in although glue can stick stick but not on the base material, the result of the sealing side of the temperature of the material base material you'd better keep in 20 & deg; C above. Mechanical working environment temperature will affect the adhesive curing speed, the factory can appear often in the low temperature season sealing side question the reason for this lies in the low temperature of the hot melt adhesive curing speed of adhesive effectively shorten time. Choose sealing sideband must pay attention to the width, thickness, material quality, toughness, degree of surface treatment, and other factors. Hot melt adhesive should pay attention to the difference between high, medium and low temperature glue, and the types of sealing sideband matching, and scientifically set heating control temperature and flow and solidification time delay of sol. The selection of base material have quality, temperature, plane parallelism and perpendicularity requirement, working environment of indoor temperature, dust concentration also should be considered, operating in the base material, sealing sideband, rubber shaft speed, pressure, balance, continuity and so on will affect the sealing side effect. Woodworking machinery factory remind, if mechanical feeding speed can't change, In most cases) To ensure the quality of sealing side must be hot plate and edge banding material.
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