In the use of grinding sanding machine need to pay attention to details

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
, grinding sanding machine details: 1, water abnormity sanding machine equipment to designated persons handling, cleaning, twist, smooth, adjustment, anticorrosive cross operation method, careful maintenance of machinery maintenance, applying the grinding sanding machine it is necessary to handle personnel preparation, jiaxing on sand sanding machine, do not know the safety operation of grinding sanding machine knowledge, computer operation is not allowed. 2, processing the old stock before, it is necessary to nail, dig sand machine, gray scale, such as ice and snow to root out after the computer processing. 3, should be more than 2 meters long timber processing operation, two people alone in started feeding, one person in hand picking, adsorption different sanding machine, hand picking necessary in wood behind the skip of danger must material, meet after banning yank. 4, grinding sanding machine operation process, to adjust the ban, planing wood sanding machine, maintenance and cleaning operation, the operator to tighten sleeves, and prohibit wearing gloves. 5, in order to avoid fire attack, grinding sanding machine equipment operation must be no smoking in the laboratory, the sand on the sanding machine, it is necessary to fire equipment. 6, the operation should pay attention to wood, meet hardwood, knot, residues should be appropriate to slow down the push feed, it is forbidden to finger operation on the knot, in case of wood to beat or pop-up cuts. 7, homework before must check the power supply wiring is accurate, the insulation of the electrical components is outstanding, the fuselage is there the maintenance of stable zero or maintain grounded. 8, the daily homework finished, it is necessary to sawdust, alien sanding machine, planer crumbs, wood wool cleaning the clean, and a switch power, lock switch box before leaving. 9, is necessary to check before the use of abrasive belt is accurate, different sand GuangJiChang direct selling, fastening is in place, safety cover, shield, etc are useful. 10, is necessary to empty test before the use of the homework, after normal speed, then through 2 - After 3 minutes short assignments, admit no abnormal indeed, rizhao primer sanding machine, feeding start work again.
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