India worried about the quality of China's export of power generation equipment

by:Gewinn     2022-05-27
Ramesh, Minister of State for Commerce and Electricity of India, said on the 6th that the power plant equipment provided by China is the cheapest in the world, but given that there have been problems with two consecutive power plants provided by China, India must test the power plants provided by China in the future. The quality of the equipment, and they are required to adapt to the special environment of India, such as the Indian coal fuel with a particularly high content of coal ash. Ramesh made the above remarks to reporters while officiating the inauguration of a new thermal power plant in West Bengal. He said that the Central Electricity Authority of the Ministry of Energy of India has set up a technical committee to examine the quality of equipment provided by Chinese manufacturers and the operational efficiency of power plants built with equipment provided by China. He also said that the reports on the inspection results of various manufacturers will also serve as a reference for evaluating whether they are eligible for new contracts in India in the future. There is no problem with the equipment produced by Chinese manufacturers in India, but the equipment imported directly from China is worrying.
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