Indian Machine Tool Builders Hold Advanced Seminar on Improving Productivity

by:Gewinn     2022-05-26
On August 20, the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA) organized the 2010 First Productivity Advanced Conference. The conference brings together manufacturing companies from a variety of manufacturing industries, including automotive and auto parts, tool shops, aerospace, defense and rail facilities, consumer durables, general engineering and other metalworking manufacturing industries. They will discuss and share the latest methods and experiences to improve productivity to achieve excellence in manufacturing. Ashok K Taneja, chairman of the conference, pointed out that in the current environment of unprecedented competition, enterprises need manufacturing solutions with higher productivity and efficiency, and meet international quality standards in a timely manner. This requires enterprises to provide advanced production and processing processes, high-efficiency machinery and equipment, and excellent human resource management. Pradeep Bhargava, Managing Director of India Cummins Generator Technologies, said: 'India's manufacturing industry contributes more to India's gross national product (GDP) year by year, and is gradually becoming a potential driving force to support India's economic growth. Therefore, now is the most important What is important is that industry professionals understand the various issues, while promoting the development of related industries and maintaining high growth momentum, only in this way can manufacturing become one of the strong economic pillars of India.' Titled The Productivity Store, the exhibition is a one-stop shop for using the latest innovations in metalworking manufacturing to increase productivity efficiency.
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