'Industry 4.0 platform' boosts German companies to set sail

by:Gewinn     2022-06-02
At the 'Industry 4.0 - Digital Transformation of German Manufacturing' forum held not long ago, the German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Education and Research said that the German 'Industry 4.0 Platform' has achieved milestone success since its establishment one year ago. At Hannover Messe 2016, enterprises and industry associations also advocated the establishment of new platforms 'Industry 4.0 Laboratory Network' and 'Industry 4.0 Standardization Council' to accelerate the standardization and transformation of Industry 4.0 into practice. Gabriel, Minister of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, pointed out that since its establishment one year ago, the 'Industry 4.0 Platform' has become the largest worldwide network in the field of industrial digitalization. This platform has developed application examples and provided guidance for enterprises in a very short time. The 'Industry 4.0 Platform' is Germany's core network for promoting industrial digital transformation. It is responsible for developing and coordinating information and cooperation docking services among the political, economic, technological, association and trade unions, promoting Industry 4.0 solutions to enterprises, and promoting enterprises Especially small and medium-sized enterprises implement Industry 4.0. There are 250 professionals from 159 organisations working on the 'Platform for Industry 4.0'. Key work is divided into four areas. The first is to provide specific action suggestions for the business and political circles. In order for the systems to communicate with each other without errors, globally binding standards and regulations will be extremely important, and the establishment of the 'Industry 4.0 Platform' and the Industry 4.0 Reference Architecture model have already taken Germany a big step forward. The Industry 4.0 reference architecture model builds a framework. For the first time, it comprehensively addresses the integration of horizontal and vertical information technology and the life cycle of products and production, and proposes its own standard catalog. It integrates the main technological elements of Industry 4.0 into one model to provide common Guidance is an important contribution to the international standardization of 'Made in Germany'. With the 'Platform of Industry 4.0The work of the 'Industry 4.0 Platform' also includes the development of future-appropriate education and training policies. The second is to actively generate new initiatives. The 'Industry 4.0 Platform' is agile and conducive to the generation of new ideas, which can stimulate new initiatives by platform members outside the platform. The Industry 4.0 platform places particular emphasis on the transition to practice. The initiative to establish 'Industry 4.0 Laboratory Network' and 'Industry 4.0 Standardization Council' also came into being. Among them, the 'Industry 4.0 Laboratory Network' will support SMEs to experiment with new technologies. The third is to increase international cooperation. International cooperation is important for Industry 4.0, and this is especially evident in the subject of standardization. Cooperation with the Industrial Internet Consortium in the United States, as well as with China, Japan and France, will be very beneficial for Germany to advance Industry 4.0. The fourth is to support the development of German enterprises. The 'Industry 4.0 Platform' provides specific assistance to German companies and increases activity opportunities. German companies have their own booths at the Hannover Messe.
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