Injection mold polishing the innovation of new polishing process

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Now injection mold new polishing process has the following kinds: mechanical polishing machine polishing is to rely on cutting, material appearance after removing plastic deformation by polishing the convex part of the smooth surface polishing method, commonly used article oil stone, wool wheel, abrasive paper, etc. , with manual operation is given priority to, such as special parts of appearance, can use turntable and other auxiliary tools, high quality demand of appearance can choose the way of the ultra lapping behind. Ultra lapping is to choose special grinding tool, in containing abrasive and polishing liquid, press on the workpiece processed appearance, high-speed rotary motion. Using the Ra0 skills can reach. 008μ M's surface roughness, is the highest of all kinds of polishing method. Optical lens mold often choose this way. Chemical polishing chemical polishing is to make the data in the chemical medium appearance micro protruding part of the concave part of the preferential dissolution, so as to get smooth surface. This is the first advantage of without clutter equipment, can be polished shape of the workpiece, can polishing with many artifacts, high efficiency. The center of the chemical polishing polishing liquid manufacturing is the problem. Chemical polishing the surface roughness of a commonly 10 & mu; m。 Basic principle of electrolytic polishing electrolytic polishing with the same chemical polishing, namely by the extruding part of the selective dissolution data looks fine, make the appearance lubrication. Compared with chemical polishing, can eliminate the influence of the cathode reaction, the effect is better. Electrochemical polishing process is divided into two steps: ( 1) Micro leveling dissolved product to disperse in electrolyte, geometric data appearance rough, Ra> 1μ m。 ( 2) Flat light anode polarization, exterior light degree of progress, Ra< 1μ m。 With ultrasonic polishing workpiece to be included in the abrasive suspension and put in ultrasonic field, based on ultrasonic oscillation effect, make the abrasive on the workpiece surface grinding polishing. Ultrasonic machining micro force is small, can not cause deformation of workpiece, but more difficult to tooling and production equipment. Ultrasonic machining can combine with chemical or electrochemical method. On the basis of corrosion, electrolytic solution, and then applying ultrasonic oscillation, mixing solution dissolve products from parts appearance, uniform appearance nearby corrosion or electrolyte; The ultrasonic cavitation effect can also be raging in liquid corrosion process, favors the appearance of light. Free fluid polishing abrasive polishing fluid is related to high speed of liquid and its with reach the intention of the polishing abrasive scour workpieces by appearance. Common means are: processing, liquid abrasive eruption eruption processing, grinding fluid power, etc. Grinding fluid power is driven by hydraulic pressure, make with abrasive liquid medium high speed reciprocating flow artifacts appearance. Medium priority under low pressure through the special compound with good sex ( Polymer material) And mixed abrasive, abrasive can choose silicon carbide powder. Finishing grinding principle of mirror finishing machine is to make the hard line grinding and polishing, promote the artifacts and abrasive in the process of revolution and rotation as a compulsory activity, execute appearance micro machining of workpiece. The brief operation, abrasive and tooling clip, flexible operation is convenient, the yield of high efficiency, no noise, no vibration, enclosed application. No pollution, environmental protection performance is good, finishing workpiece precision is high, do not change the original geometry size of workpiece, can handle the workpiece fine deburring, chamfering, mirror finishing polishing machine and other problems. Professional processing all kinds of polishing skills problem: - 0371 85297711
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