Input/output interface of CNC punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-04-01
CNC punch press of input and output signal input/output interface CNC punching machine is the information of CNC system to exchange with the outside world, its interface is the essential means to exchange information, occupies an important place in the CNC system. CNC punching machine to CNC transmitted signal is called the input signal, and the signal called the output signal of the CNC machine tool to transmit. Different input/output devices are connected with the CNC system, CNC punching machine adopts the corresponding I/O interface circuit and the interface chip. CNC punching machine interface chip in general can be divided into special and general chip. The former is dedicated to special input/output device interface, main switching signal including ac digital input/output signals, dc analog I/O signals and communication l/O. The company information provided by the high-density Oriental machine tool,
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