Installation of CNC woodworking lathe demands on the environment

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe is now the main processing of wood processing industry equipment use, although it has a high machining efficiency, high precision, etc, but for numerical control woodworking lathe installation requirements is extremely strict. Below small make up nc woodworking lathe as an introduction to install the environmental requirements. ( 1) Stability of machine tool base, do based surface leveling machine foundation must will, at the same time: all kinds of pipelines are embedded, in order to avoid later need not again. ( 2) Appropriate environmental temperature, generally is 10 ~ 30 ℃, more than or less than this value to control. ( 3) Keep the air circulation, clean and free of oil mist and metal powder. ( 4) Appropriate humidity, not too wet. ( 5) Power grid to meet the requirements of the nc machine tools required for normal operation of the total capacity, voltage fluctuation range: 85 ~ 110%. ( 6) Good grounding, grounding resistance less than 4 ~ 7 Ω. ( 7) Strong anti-interference, away from the electromagnetic dry, interference such as welding machine, large crane, high and moderate frequency equipment, etc. ( 8) Away from the vibration source, with high precision nc machine tools based, requires a shockproof groove, good in shock tank to fill sand or ashes. Above is install CNC woodworking lathe to the requirement of environment, hope to be of service.
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