internal audits shine light on ttc rot

by:Gewinn     2019-08-22
At the end of the TTC meeting on Tuesday, I asked chairman Karen Stintz why on Monday an internal audit of a series of highly critical two TTC departments was released, rather than the first time they did well a year ago.
She initially tried to dismiss my question, claiming to have been answered at Monday\'s meeting of the TTC audit committee. (It was not. )
But when a media colleague put pressure on her to provide her with an answer, Stintz was on this long term
Term need for \"integrated audit function\" between city and TTC-
A suggestion will be made sometime in autumn.
Since the TTC chair does not or will not answer my questions, I will provide my own conclusions.
The reports were not released at the time of the first release, as they would fully indicate that TTC was poorly managed, out of control, irresponsible, not to mention highly confidential.
There\'s nothing more than a huge tunnel drill than it can drill far enough to clear the rotten stuff.
Stintz does not want to answer because it is difficult to defend people who are not defensible --
She and Gary Webster (
She was taken to the door with the other man who was deified)
They claimed that he did run the nervous ship.
The fact that the audit report was finally exposed was because a new person was running the show --Andy Byford.
One can only hope that Byford takes accountability seriously and has enough money to re-
It\'s obviously a dysfunctional organization.
Although Stintz guarantees that TTC \"will be taken (necessary)
According to the results of the audit, history has proved that we cannot rely on her to shake the organization.
Let\'s not forget Stintz\'s actions against TTC whistleblower Cecilia Leung, who was trying to meet with her just a year ago to come up with many new concerns --
Release audit report
Liang Zhenying was fired shortly after meeting with the chairman and told me on February that Stintz was not only dismissive of her, but also received a letter warning her that they would investigate if she had violated
Disclosure Agreement (
This is an implicit threat if I hear it. )
The TTC whistleblower, who was fired from August 2005 to last May, has been a contractor for the ttc it department, and she is concerned that the project deadline has never been met and does not respect taxes, A large number of consultants have been hired to complete full-time work
In her own department, the time staff and the rampant nepotism.
Forward the audit report submitted on Monday quickly.
Report on TTC construction department-
Covering the period January 2009-December 2010-
Of the 190 positions in the department, 60 are consultants.
The audit found that consultants often supervise consultants and do not conduct annual performance reviews of their work, which is not uncommon for full-time consultantstime in-
A House consultant billed a dozen different projects.
The same audit found that control over the 135 construction projects that were in progress at the time was very weak, including limited monitoring of how many staff were billed to each project.
Another audit of the tram department of the rail transit department
Completed between January 2010 and June 2011-
No clear procedure for handling absenteeism was found, among other things.
When asked about the matter on Monday, TTC\'s chief operating officer David Dixon accused the Health and Health Program of passing --
This takes a \"gentler and more humane approach\" to absenteeism \".
The project has recently been canceled, he said, in favor of a more \"radical approach\" they previously called a \"work plan \".
I was in December.
At 2009 meeting, Webster insisted that in order to reduce absenteeism, he would need to spend $300,000 on five new health and health experts.
He told members at the time that the project was \"more important than cleaning the station \".
\"Ironically, I\'m not lost.
1/2 years later, however, countless dollars were wasted and Liang lost his job trying to do the right thing.
I can only hope that this week\'s meeting of the transit authority audit committee indicates that at least some of TTC\'s blue suits are working to get the transit authority back on track.
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