International auto giant North China parts plant put into production

by:Gewinn     2022-05-26
The world's only high-precision automatic processing lathe, the precision of parts is one-sixtieth of a human hair. Recently, Volkswagen's new parts factory in Tianjin was officially completed and put into production, and began to produce the latest generation of dual-clutch transmission DQ380. The DQ380 transmission specially developed for the Chinese market, combined with the new third-generation EA888 engine produced by Changchun Engine Plant, will reduce the fuel consumption of related models by 0.5 liters per 100 kilometers compared with the previous generation, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12 grams per kilometer. In the newly built Volkswagen transmission production workshop, advanced production equipment from all over the world is working in an orderly manner under the operation of the on-site staff. 'Here, the machining accuracy of the parts is 1 micron, while the diameter of a normal human hair is 60 microns. You can imagine the precision of the parts.' The person in charge of the scene told reporters that the Volkswagen Transmission Tianjin Plant not only has the only one in the world Precision automatic processing lathes are also very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. For example, the Tianjin factory has installed an advanced water treatment system, which can reduce 95% of production wastewater and realize the recycling of water resources. Energy consumption is cut in half by transferring the heat from the exhaust gas to fresh air through an advanced process. At the same time, the application of roofs and LED lights that make full use of natural lighting also saves nearly half of the lighting electricity consumption. The Volkswagen North China Parts Plant, which invested 265 million euros in Tianjin Development Zone, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. It is the 107th plant of the Volkswagen Group and its 18th plant in China. The newly commissioned plant in Tianjin mainly produces the latest dual-clutch transmissions. Among them, the DQ380 transmission specially developed by Volkswagen for the Chinese market will also be produced for the first time in Tianjin. The main features of DQ380 transmission are low energy consumption and high efficiency. It will cooperate with the third-generation EA888 new engine produced by Volkswagen Changchun Engine Plant. It will be used in many models of Volkswagen, which can reduce fuel consumption per 100 kilometers by 0.5 liters and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 12 g/km. According to the on-site staff, 61% of the upstream parts and components of the North China Parts Factory's products have been localized, and this figure is expected to reach more than 90% by 2016. The new plant will initially have an annual capacity of 450,000 transmissions, which will increase to 1.2 million by 2016. The new factory will create 5,500 new jobs by 2019. After 2016, the testing and analysis center responsible for all dual-clutch transmissions produced in China will also be established in Tianjin, in order to ensure Volkswagen's global uniform quality standards. 'Next year, Volkswagen's first parts college outside Germany will be established in Tianjin. The college will adopt the German model to provide vocational training for 4 majors, and students of the vocational college will also receive basic and advanced experts in the corresponding fields. Guidance and training.' The relevant person in charge said that, as a result, Volkswagen Group will cooperate with vocational schools in Tianjin to lay the foundation for an innovative and sustainable automobile industry in North China through systematic and continuous training of talents. The college will also meet the needs of employees and cultivate talents with professional and technical qualifications. After the completion of the new plant in Tianjin, Volkswagen Group has 8 vehicle production plants and 10 parts production plants in China. In order to continue to expand the scale of automobile production, Shanghai Volkswagen has started construction of a new plant in Changsha, and FAW-Volkswagen will also build two new vehicle plants in Qingdao and Tianjin.
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