Introduced the numerical control woodworking lathe in the market

by:Gewinn     2020-04-04
In our daily production, occasionally have CNC woodworking lathe trouble, that we how to troubleshoot, scientific use machine? On the basis of fault location, nc machine tool failure types are divided into mechanical failure and electric system failure. A host, numerical control machine tool with protection, pneumatic, chip removal, the lubrication parts, such as the common mechanical faults mainly for: 1, the lubrication is not enough lead to the main shaft, guide rail parts such as the lack of oil, due to cause damage. 2, machinery parts, use for a long time because of bad connection, failure. Second, the nc machine tool fault mainly by the weak current, high voltage electrical system factors, including weak current fault occurs mainly in the position such as integrated circuit, electronic components, including hardware failure, software failure, hardware failure mainly refers to the separation of connectors, electronic components, integrated circuit chips, etc. , and the index of software failure according to lost and can't normal movement, etc. Fault mainly refers to the control system of high voltage high power, high voltage circuits of switch, electromagnetic valve, motor, fuse, contactor and other components, these components work under high current, high pressure state, the probability of failure is bigger.
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