Introduced the numerical control woodworking lathe surface cleaning steps of impurities

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
Workshop busy season, often use CNC woodworking lathe manufacturers must pay attention to the equipment for a long time continuous use, even though we are how to clean the machine, but still can't avoid the presence of the impurities, let alone those who don't have time to clean the lathe workshop, so, impurities, how should we clean? The following is a brief introduction of clean impurities for everybody steps: 1, first of all, we make a preliminary cleaning of processing. Main job is to remove the paint on the surface of the equipment, old and rusty spot oil etc. ( a) When we go to paint, as long as it is rough machining surface, we can adopt the method of chipped commonly; ( b) When we deal with rusty spot, as long as you can see the color of the metal line, it is OK and then clean with gasoline; ( c) At the time of removal of old oil, can we use texture is soft pieces of metal to scrape off the old oil, or can use degreasing agent to remove the old oil; 2, secondly, we can directly to the surface of the equipment use detergent for cleaning, if there are a lot of oil, we can also use hot oil washed processing, but the oil temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant. 3, in the end, is the whole cleaning operations. To clear out all kinds of impurities on the surface of the machine is complete, you can use compressed air to blow dry, and then use kerosene or gasoline is rinsed clean the whole surface of a machine.
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