Introduction of semi-automatic sealing side machine maintenance skills

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Semi-automatic sealing side machine here to tell you about the maintenance methods: 1, the operation of the site inspection, regular check semiautomatic sealing side machine all parts of the sound operation, whether there are abnormal noise and heating temperature. 2, to keep the plot of semi-automatic sealing side machine body position, such as glue pot is nearby the board out of the glue will dry into the other parts, will directly affect their normal work. 3, must be regularly for semi-automatic sealing side machine moving parts, guarantee the normal operation. 4, milling parts, keep his tail, trimming scraping edge part there will be a large number of cutting down the sealing sideband crumbs, even if there is a suction device will not absorb very clean, flying around chip sealing sideband will affect each sliding, rolling parts, will also affect trimming, so classes are sealing sideband crumbs to clean up. Now you have mastered semi-automatic sealing side machine maintenance method. A: do you understand the purpose of the woodworking band saw machine under a: teach you how the key points of multi-axis woodworking drilling operation
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