Introduction to numerical control woodworking lathe auxiliary action

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
When we were in the use of numerical control woodworking lathe, some auxiliary action can make the performance of the play better, below we antai with auxiliary motion of the numerical control lathe for everyone to share! Numerical control woodworking lathe movement refers to in the process of cutting surface shape of formed parts of relative movement between cutter and workpiece, is the most basic sports machine, not it will not be able to work out the required surface profile. The feed movement is mainly refers to in the work, the workpiece's new metal layer has been invested in cutting, in order to cut out the whole motion on the surface of the workpiece is also called the feeding movement. In the vast majority of machine tool feed movement are for linear motion, only a few predominantly rotary motion. Another is main body movement, it mainly refers to the machine in the process of exercise with maximum speed finish cutting the workpiece movement, it varies with the machine. The vast majority of the body of the machine tool movement is a continuous rotary motion. As one of the auxiliary movement mainly refers to the machine tool when working for the movement of the operation, in order to achieve the auxiliary work but the auxiliary movement mainly varies with different types of lathe, there is no one type of lathe will have corresponding auxiliary movement. The above is our antai provide numerical control woodworking lathe auxiliary motion is introduced, hope everyone at the time of operation can be applied to the actual operation.
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