Introduction to numerical control woodworking lathe is different from ordinary machine tools

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
The development of numerical control woodworking lathe cannot be ignored, extremely rapid development, then you know the difference between numerical control woodworking lathe and ordinary lathe? Common machine tool processing belongs to a semi-automatic operation, is fully automatic CNC woodworking lathe. Today we understand CNC woodworking lathe numerical control woodworking machinery and compared with the ordinary machine parts is different! Common machine tool processing method is: 1: according to the design patterns in advance by staff make good parts processing procedures. 2: the operator according to the technical process of the various steps manual machine tools, processing the pattern of the given parts. 3: in process planning must be a part of processing route, cutting parameters, the specifications of the machine tool, cutting tool, fixture and measuring tool, etc. Numerical control woodworking lathe processing method: 1: change control machine action program can achieve the purpose of processing different parts, according to the regulations of the nc machine tool of instruction code and program format to compile processing orders, and combine this program list the contents of the records in the control medium ( Such as punched tape, tape, disk, magnetic bubble memory) And then input to the numerical control machine tool numerical control device, thereby command machine parts. 2: we put the parts processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters ( The spindle revolutions, feeding, turning, etc. ) And the auxiliary function ( Tool change, spindle forward, reverse, cutting fluid, etc. ) Particularly applicable to small batch processing machine tool, with the requirement for high precision and complex shape parts. Now with numerical control woodworking lathe and ordinary lathe to high efficiency and make more detailed, operating more simple, loved by everyone, have a friend need to please contact us!
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