Introduction to numerical control woodworking lathe machining process how to differentiate

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Numerical control woodworking lathe is the most important thing in what? Everyone will say, of course, is the processing sequence planning, in the process of the whole machining process, machining on CNC machine parts, general classification process, according to the principle of process focus we know with aetna woodworking CNC lathe process is how to divide! In accordance with the division of the tools being used, are generally a complete process of the cutting tool is a process, and machining for this kind of dividing method is especially suitable for the surface, in the processing center will often use this method to do. Number of parts according to the workpiece according to the number of partition to install to divide is usually a clamping to complete the process is called 'is a process, this method is especially suitable for processing the content matter of parts under the condition of guarantee the quality of parts processing, a clamping finish machining. Will be completed in the rough machining the part of a process as a process, will be processed in the part of a process as a process with the other. Generally this classification method is suitable for the part have strength and hardness requirements, the need for heat treatment or parts precision demand is higher, need to be effective in addition to the internal stress, and parts processing after deformation is bigger, need according to the rough and finish machining stage division of parts processing. You to understand how the process would be divided? You for woodworking CNC lathes have what not understand place, please call us, we will give you the best answer!
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