Invitation letter | 2018 Vietnamese BIFA WOOD woodworking machinery exhibition

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Invitation letter | Vietnam BIFA WOOD woodworking machinery exhibition: distinguished guests: thank you for your concern and support has always been our company, allows the company to business booming, woodworking machinery factory sincerely invite you to attend monthly - Day Vietnam BIFA WOOD exhibition. 期待您的莅贵宾们:感谢您的持续关注和支持我们公司,这使得我们的业务繁荣宏峰木工机械厂真诚邀请你参加BIFA木展览在越南,10月- Information, & forward to your visit Hong feng show Booth Booth No Vietnam pingyang convention and exhibition center (GA Outdoor) 阿萍在干什么协定范本 展览中心( 打开地面) On Venue - the exhibition site - Date Date: October show; : in the Time of moving in Time
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