Is it okay to punch with a trimming machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-15
The edge trimming machine is usually composed of a motor, a cutter head and a protective cover with adjustable angles. It is mostly used for motor-type active edge trimming equipment such as wood chamfering, metal edge trimming, strip edge grinding, etc. It is also widely applicable to the reinforcement of building beams, plates, columns, walls, etc. , decoration, wall installation, support, railings, billboards, air conditioning outdoor units, guide rails, satellite receiver elevators, steel structure factory buildings, etc. If you want to make a hole board, you need to make many holes in the board and also need to be vertical. The electric drill is not sure. The board is too wide and the bench drill is not convenient. Besides, I don't have a bench drill (There is a bracket, ha ha). Prepare to use the trimming machine at hand to press down the base, put on a 15mm diameter two-edged straight knife, press down and punch holes, and adjust the speed to the lowest 10000 revolutions. Is this method reliable for a large number of holes? For beginners, how can they operate it correctly? The first step is to install the cutter. The second step is to adjust the height of the base according to the processing depth. The third step, according to the size you need to process to adjust the backer distance. After the above steps are installed, you can start the operation. First, hold the trimming machine (Pay attention to the blade to avoid injury), And then turn on the switch of the trimming machine. When beginners just start to operate, the cutting saw should not be scared by the vibration and sound when the machine is just started. When the machine is just started, there will be a certain vibration in the operation of the machine. Be sure to hold the machine firmly and don't let go, otherwise there will be danger. After the trimming machine is started, the machine will quickly reach the normal speed, and then the milling cutter of the trimming machine can be inserted vertically into the workpiece. If you are working on the edge, first stick the base to the working object below, and then slowly lean the milling cutter against the working object. At this time, you must hold the machine firmly to avoid rebound. After the milling cutter of the trimming machine is pressed into the workpiece, it can be pushed for milling. The speed of pushing will vary depending on the type of workpiece, milling depth and blunt milling cutter. If you have the feeling of not pushing, or when the sound is heavy, you need to slow down. In the process of propulsion, the trimming machine should be kept stable and not tilted, otherwise milling will not be vertical.
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