is this what elon musk\'s mysterious digging tweets are about?

by:Gewinn     2019-08-25
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk broke ground on an underground tunnel he planned to dig underground in Los Angeles to avoid having to sit on transportation.
According to a person familiar with his ideas, he will also buy a large ground drill to continue the tunnel, starting with his property at Hawthorne, California.
Elon Musk is the chief executive of space transport company SpaceX and electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors.
The person, who declined to be named, said Musk plans to continue drilling underground under public city roads after the construction of his backyard tunnel because details have not yet been disclosed.
The person who is drilling is just a hobby;
Musk is not planning to set up a new tunnel company.
The idea was originally proposed by Musk in December and he wrote on Twitter, \"traffic drives me crazy,\" \"I\'m going to build a tunnel drill and start digging.
\"He said it would start under his desk at SpaceX.
The tweet sparked a flurry of speculation that Musk once again said on Twitter on Wednesday that he had made \"exciting progress\", further driving the speculation.
Later on Friday, on the eve of a big student competition at SpaceX, Musk tweeted: \"We started digging the tunnel tonight.
\"It is not clear whether Musk has applied for legal permission to start digging.
Obviously, excavation is not always allowed even on one\'s own property.
Drilling under public property requires a variety of permits issued locally in California.
Hawthorne could not be reached for comment.
The engineering competition is designed to allow the pod to pass through the optimal design of the Hyperloop, a vacuum tube that can push the vehicle at a very high speed.
Two years ago, Musk put forward the idea of building a super cycle in a white paper that inspires entrepreneurs to build super cycle companies and engineering students around the world to compete to build super cycle companies.
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