Iscar Introduces Newly Designed Beam Demon Chameleon Gun Drill

by:Gewinn     2022-05-30
Iscar gundrills are the only interchangeable-head gundrills on the market today. The newly designed Beam Demon Chameleon Gun Drill works with standard Beam Demon Chameleon bits. Compared with the traditional welding single-edge gun drill, the drill bit with two effective teeth (full effective teeth) makes the beam magic chameleon gun drill achieve a great improvement in production efficiency. Gun drills, as the name suggests, were originally used in the military industry, mainly for the production of gun barrels. With the continuous development of the metal cutting industry, gun drills have been gradually expanded to the manufacturing fields of aerospace, automobile and mold industries. Based on the successful application of the Beam Magic Chameleon drill in various industries, Iscar once again skillfully applied the design concept of 'quick change bit' to the design of the gun drill, and successfully launched the Beam Magic Chameleon Gun Drill, a brand new product. The beam magic chameleon gun drill can process holes with a depth of at least 12xD, and the optional diameter range is 10-25.9mm. The maximum total length of the currently available tools can reach 1 meter. This new design gun drill is suitable for deep hole processing on ordinary horizontal machining centers, lathes, multi-task machine tools and special gun drill machines. The SUMOGUN can be used to replace the cutter head on the machine without removing the cutter head for changing the cutter head. A polyamide plastic wrench is provided for loading and unloading the SUMOGUN bits. The SUMOGUN gun drill has 2 straight flutes to hold the standard SUMOCHAM bits. The beam magic chameleon drill (SUMOCHAM) cutter head is designed for full efficiency, and the high-efficiency design makes the workbench feed of the beam magic gun drill during processing much higher than that of the existing gun drills on the market. Depending on the material group to be processed and the application, different types of cutter heads can be selected to be clamped to the magic beam drill. Drill bit positioning groove design The drill's innovative and unique positioning groove can replace at least 25 bits. Iscar uses the latest welding process to weld the end with positioning groove and the drill pipe, which makes the drill bit more resistant to torque. Features: ·Machine feed is 2-5 times that of ordinary welding gun drill ·Double flutes ·Fully effective teeth ·Quick change cutter head ·A variety of cutter head geometries available ·Coated carbide grades ·Excellent Straightness and coaxiality High precision centering, high machining hole accuracy High drilling surface quality, up to Ra0.4-2.0 Drill pipe positioning groove can be repeatedly clamped for at least 25 times The drill pipe adopts straight inner Cold hole design
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