ISCAR's new SWISSCUT Swiss turning tool system

by:Gewinn     2022-06-03
ISCAR's new compact SWISSCUT turning tool system reduces the problem that the workpiece machining area of u200bu200bthe cam-type machine tool is narrow and the tool is prone to interference, and the insert can be easily replaced from both sides of the tool holder. When changing the blade edge, there is no need to remove and reinstall the shank. The high-precision inserts and the firm seat design ensure the necessary repeatability of positioning. In view of the quick-change capability of this machine-clamped insert, SWISSCUT turning tools are not only used on cam-type machine tools, but also on CNC machine tools. The preferred insert grade is IC1008 with TiAlN and TiN coatings, and the special chipbreaker is designed for small parts machining. User cutting reports indicate that this combination has been used successfully on carbon and alloy steels, heat-resistant alloys, stainless and hardened steels, even for interrupted cuts. The SWISSTURN turning tool series, as an option for CNC machine tools, is characterized by small shank size, consistent design, large positive rake geometry and sharp cutting edges. Due to the low cutting forces generated, SWISSTURN turning tools are also successfully used in some thin-walled parts with poor rigidity.
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