isis weapons being captured by canadian woman working to disarm terrorists

by:Gewinn     2019-09-02
Now, we know how ISIS built such a wide network of tunnels below Mosul to hide and store ammunition.
The terrorist group managed to create its own tunnel. Boring machine (See above)
A terrible but effective team member.
The discovery of the ISIS machine was attributed to the ninth division of the Iraqi army, which was then analyzed by Devin Morrow, a technical consultant for conflict weapons research.
Most of the day, put on your body armor tomorrow and venture to the front line of Iraq\'s fight against ISIS to check the latest loot of a brutal and bloody war. The 30-year-
The old Canadian woman is responsible for analyzing weapons seized from ISIS. -
One by one-
Expose the sources and ways of terrorist networks.
Most of the weapons traded illegally are small arms, but some-like the ISIS-
Tunnel Machine--
According to Morrow, it shows the level of complexity that this group has never seen before.
\"This is unprecedented and ISIS is able to make its own ammunition and weapons,\" Morro told Fox News . \".
\"We don\'t see this quality of production in other conflict areas,\" Morro said . \"K. -
Companies based in conflict areas such as Iraq, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya and Yemen track and document the illegal transfer of weapons.
Once ISIS seized weapons, Morro and her team began investigating. -
Take a photo of the item and check the mark and serial number of each weapon.
\"We don\'t rely on secondary information.
\"We spent a lot of time in the wild,\" she said . \".
\"It does become terrible.
Anything can happen at any time and it\'s important to remember that.
\"The hundreds of weapons seized are AK-
Morro described it as widely used and vulnerable to trafficking.
\"They lasted a long time.
\"They are very durable,\" she said.
Assault rifle.
\"Variant of AK --
47 is widely used in the Middle East.
The main producing countries are the former Soviet Union and Russia.
They have been around for decades and they are everywhere.
\"Some of the ISIS items that Morro found were old ---
Including ammunition made in Nazi Germany, which was found in northern Iraq in 2014.
\"It\'s just showing you how far the ammo can go,\" she said . \".
Other weapons and equipment have recently been produced, including those manufactured by terrorist networks themselves.
These findings include ISIS.
Manufacturing mortar and improvised explosive devices
Morro and her team also found a \"suicide car\" she called SVBIED \".
She explained, \"ISIS fighters are riding civilian cars and SUVs, loading them with explosives, and then covering the vehicles with heavy metal plates to help them get close to the front line.
\"They took these ordinary cars and trucks from civilians in Mosul and made extensive changes to them to make them suicide vehicles,\" she said . \".
Terrorist groups are also using tunnels.
According to Morrow, the extensive tunnel system between the excavation of houses and underground roads was used to confuse coalition forces.
\"They made the machine themselves,\" she said of the tunnel machine discovered in Hamdaniyah at the end of last year.
The battle of Mosul is a joint offensive between Iraqi government forces and allied militias, the Kurdistan regional government and international forces to retake northern Iraqi cities from Islamic State.
The attack started in October 2016.
For Morrow, tracking illegal weapons is only part of defeating the enemy on the ground, although it is a key part.
\"Our team is actively trying to record individual projects.
This is the first step in reducing the spread of illegal weapons, \"she said.
\"By creating this database and by understanding the corridors and trafficking between regions where weak links are located around the world, we can develop stronger and responsible international arms policies.
\"Tomorrow-A Western woman in Iraq --
Dominated field-said she didn\'t want to do any other work.
\"It could be an attempt if you work with a bunch of guys-it could be a bit stressful-but I feel respected, no one questioned my character and my experience there, she said.
\"My team is very supportive of me.
Kristina Corbyn is a Fox News reporter in New York.
Follow her microblog @ CristinaCorbin.
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