Israeli designer makes 3D printed feeder for premature babies

by:Gewinn     2022-05-30
Ravid Koriat Barkan, a graduate from the Bezalel School of Art and Design in Jerusalem, learned this cruel fact, especially in developing countries that many premature babies face not only the threat of death, but also the various complications that may arise after surviving, so she decided to do Something to help the kids. By chance, she got the inspiration when her sister who was studying law was discussing the problems faced by baby care and breast milk collection, so she designed a feeder for newborns and premature babies, it is specially designed for the neonatal intensive care unit. An infant design in an intensive care unit that simplifies and improves the process of collecting, storing and feeding breast milk. As a graduate research project of Koriat's Industrial Design major, FEEDER's prototype was 3D printed using PolyJet multi-materials produced by Stratasys. The main part of the FEEDER is a bottle, which is also a syringe, which allows the caregiver to very precisely control the amount of milk that is given to the baby, which is crucial to the baby's developmental process. On the one hand, this bottle is also used to allow parents or caregivers to feed the collected breast milk directly to the baby, and on the other hand, it can also be directly injected into the baby's stomach by connecting a feeding tube. Koriat once wanted to be engaged in fashion design, but later she wanted to design products with practical functions, and turned to industrial design. When designing FEEDER, she interviewed some parents, nurses and nursing staff of newborn babies in Israeli hospitals, and finally She asked Satasys to print parts for FEEDER, which are made of transparent VeroClear material, soft rubber-like TangoPlus material, and strong opaque materials such as VeroCyan and VeroYellow. The prototype design is very close to the finished product, and she hopes that in the future See her designs in action in the NICU! Every child is an angel for their parents. If such a 3D-printed newborn feeder can bring more hope to children in need, then we should thank Koriat, who made us discover 3D printing again. More useful, but also reminds us that the future of 3D printing needs a strong design force to promote.
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