Israeli designer uses 3D printing to improve speaker distortion

by:Gewinn     2022-05-30
Listening to your favorite music with truly top-notch speakers is the ultimate pursuit for many music lovers. But sound connoisseurs realize that the often-occurring 'echo' problem affects the sound of most traditional stereo speakers. When the sound waves projected on the back of the speaker are bounced back and mixed with the original sound signal of the speaker, There will be slight sound distortion. Instead of absorbing echoes with acoustics, industrial designer Boaz Dekel is trying to solve this problem by using 3D printing technology. Dekel, an industrial designer who graduated from Israel's Academy of Art and Design, claims the problem can be solved by removing the rear of the speaker. To this end, he used Stratasys' multi-material 3D printer Objet500Connex3 to create a 3D printed circular speaker, the Aleph1. This innovative design not only solves the problem of echo distortion, but also uses the echo sound effect to fill the entire speaker interior with sound. Dekel believes that 3D printing is an ideal way to make the Aleph1, which can not only be integrally formed, but also facilitate the creation of the speaker's complex internal structure. '3D printing can help me quickly recognize the echoes of different geometries and materials, and determine which one is best for the speaker I'm designing. No other manufacturing or modeling method can achieve such a high degree of freedom. Often time-consuming.” The Aleph1 uses both rigid and flexible materials, and is basically made up of three layers: the inner rigid part is made up of 680 diamond-shaped parts, which act as an “acoustic reflector”; a speaker core is used to adjust the cabinet ; In addition, there is a hard shell. 'This model is 3D printed in one shot, printing a complex internal structure while maintaining structural integrity,' Dekel said. 'Such a physical model of the physics helps to study the principles behind the product and evaluate its feasibility. 3D printing finally allowed Dekel not only to create a completely new speaker that solved the echo problem, but also to test the speaker with much greater efficiency, producing a high-quality speaker with a complex internal structure. Is 3D printing possible to subvert the standard design of speakers?
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