It is estimated that the status of the world's largest machine tool output value in Japan will be difficult to shake

by:Gewinn     2022-05-09
Japan is the world's economic power, but also a manufacturing power. Japan's machine tool industry surpassed Germany in the 1980s to become the world's largest machine tool producer. If it weren't for the impact of the 2009 financial crisis, Japan's position as the world's largest machine tool output value is estimated to be difficult to shake. Japanese machine tools focus on continuous development and innovation, and are committed to developing the latest technologies in the world, so that machine tool production has been in a leading position for a long time. Many analysts believe that Japan has always been aiming at the latest technology in the world's machine tool production, constantly researching new topics, constantly launching new products, and constantly seizing the scientific and technological frontier of the world's machine tool production, making itself invincible. With the emergence of these research topics, batches of advanced machine tools with higher and higher scientific and technological content have been developed. In the 21st century, under the situation that industrial safety and hygiene and green industry have become the common requirements of the whole world, Japanese machine tools have taken dry cutting and cutting processing as the focus of research, and are at the forefront of the world. It can be said that the Japanese machine tool industry has new research topics every year. Every year, modern new technologies are launched, and new products with leading technology are developed every year, which promotes the continuous improvement of machine tool production. Secondly, Japan also pays attention to the development of foreign trade, and continuously increases overseas investment, which effectively enhances its competitiveness in the global machine tool market. The Japanese machine tool industry has introduced advanced technology and equipment, absorbed or used the achievements of other countries, and accelerated the speed of development. From the early near 'imitation' copy to the later complete 'innovationWhile we are still importing Japanese machine tools to solve manufacturing problems, Japanese companies are already thinking about the next product strategy. This spirit of incessant pursuit of excellence in quality and an innovative strategy is one of the reasons why Japanese machine tools lead the world.
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