Italian grinding machine giant Rosa intends to penetrate the Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-17
On March 13, the European Technical Service Center (ETS) in Songjiang, Shanghai welcomed two guests from afar, Riccardo Rosa, President of Italian grinding machine giant Rosa Ermando Spa, and Fabrizio Rosa, Executive Director. It is understood that Rosa Ermando was established in 1964, specializing in the design and production of surface and profiling horizontal axis grinders, guide and profiling universal grinders, intermittent feed grinders, and its products include single-column grinders and double-column grinders of various grinding sizes. . At present, the company's sales in the Italian local market account for 85% of the company's total business, and it is preparing to actively develop the Far East market including China. With the improvement of industrial manufacturing process requirements, the use of grinding machines is becoming more and more extensive. It is precisely because they are optimistic about the future of the Chinese market that the two Rosa brothers have joined the grinding machine industry in China with the high-end technology and products they have accumulated for half a century. 'Our advantage in entering the Chinese market is very clear - high-end technology and machinery.' Fabrizio Rosa said, due to rising labor costs and China's level of industrialization, the Chinese market's needs are changing. It can be seen that the processing equipment used by Chinese customers in the past was not so powerful and high-end, but now they need equipment with high production efficiency and automation. These are Rosa's strengths, so we are now paying more attention to the Chinese market. He also revealed that Rosa is currently understanding the Chinese market and reaching out to potential customers, but there is no clear marketing plan. In many European manufacturing companies, it is not difficult to find that in-depth research and continuous innovation focusing on a certain field are the magic weapons for their success. Talking about the significance of innovation and sustainable development for the company, Fabrizio Rosa said, 'Innovation and sustainable development at Rosa means that our products use high-end technology and do a good job in safe operation. In terms of research and development, Rosa Corporation He has been developing new products, because customers continue to demand products with higher technology content. In terms of market, Rosa's current focus is still on the European market. But he also said that in the future, he hopes to be able to play in markets such as China, South Korea, and Japan. Of course, the opening of new branches or offices depends on the specific progress of market development. Going forward, Fabrizio Rosa expects the company to make a big difference in the Far East market in the future. 'More than 10 years later, when the production efficiency in other parts of the world has started to stagnate, and The Far East will be the center of high-intensity production and has great potential for development. Our dream is to make a difference in this market within 15 years, keeping up with market trends. 'ETS (Eurotech Services Centre) is a brand-new domestic market promotion model. It is a centralized display platform for European advanced equipment and craftsmanship. It has an exhibition hall of more than 3,000 square meters and provides comprehensive services for European machinery manufacturers with a membership-based business model. , through the ETS service platform, to promote the domestic market, to provide domestic customers with after-sales service and technical support, including installation and commissioning, process guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc.
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