Italian TUI Schneider Machine Tool enters the Chinese tool market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-18
On July 29, 2010, Italian TUI Schneider Machine Tool Technology and Tool Manufacturing Company held a press conference for cutting tool series products in Foshan, Guangdong, officially opening the Chinese market. The president and vice president of Italian TUI Company attended the meeting and displayed the latest high-end products of cutting tool experts, introduced the performance and effects of the products, and fully reflected the importance of the Chinese market. It is reported that TUI was established in 1968. The factory is located in Brescia, a mechanical industrial base in northern Italy. It is the largest company in Europe that automatically produces indexable tools and carbide tools, including milling cutters and drills. Its products are produced by modern machining centers in accordance with international standards, and imported equipment from Germany and Japan to achieve fully automatic operation. The company's Ru0026D department is equipped with Siemens' cutting-edge software, the latest process technology and 3D simulation technology, tailor-made design and production for customers, and provides solutions for the acquisition and management of the complete product life cycle, which is suitable for the most advanced users in the industry. From the development of new products to launch, production, acquisition, maintenance, repair and overhaul, we provide highly tailored solutions to ensure faster decision-making, shorten development cycles, and simplify processes, thereby accelerating the introduction of new products. The president of TUI Italy said that the success of this new product launch means that the Chinese market has recognized TUI products from Italy, and we are willing to share advanced technology, first-class quality and success with our customers.
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