know what to look for in diamond band saw blades?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-15
Diamond Band saw blade is part of a diamond bad saw used to cut grinding materials.
Diamond blades are ideal for very wear-resistant materials such as cutting glass, bricks, concrete and stone.
However, diamonds are not cutting materials, but grinding because of rectangular teeth containing diamond crystals.
These saw blades are classified according to shapes, manufacturing methods and uses.
Diamond saw blade-tipped teeth.
In terms of shape, Diamond blades are similar to round saw blades, band saw blades and steel saw blades.
The most widely used and common is the circular diamond saw blade.
The Blade of the diamond hacksaw is made of long steel plates welded with diamond sheets.
In order to cut or grind the original stones, you need to use dozens or hundreds of diamond steel saw blades.
Usually, the diamond band saw blade is a flexible closed steel strip fixed with diamonds on the teeth on one side of the band saw blade.
Now, several methods can be used to fix the diamond on the base of the blade.
The most common is the sintering of a mixture of metal keys and diamonds to form a blade cutting edge with diamond fragments.
Other methods include vacuum brazing, electroplating, extrusion, etc.
Extremely thin plated diamond blades can be made.
The diamond is plated at the bottom of the metal blade, and its thickness may be tens of microns.
In plating, the diamond is coated on the blade using current, which entrusts the coating to the blade to produce a brittle Ni matrix and to maintain the position of the diamond.
This allows precise cutting of different materials.
There are granite, marble, concrete, general purpose, asphalt and gems according to the material using diamond band saw strips
Diamond cutting blade
Although most saw blades are made of different materials, steel is the most commonly used because of the cheap price.
There are also highways or highways.
More difficult speed steel than typical steel blades.
Examples from high blades
Speed Steel has spiral saw blade, clamp saw blade and reciprocating saw blade.
Each diamond blade is designed for a specific purpose.
Therefore, it may react differently under different conditions.
For the best results, Diamond blades are also made of steel cores or diamonds.
Diamond blade manufacturers have their own way to provide blades.
Some of them make more difficult blades, while others make softer ones.
However, you need to know that this has nothing to do with the quality of the blade.
The hardness or softness of the blade only affects the adhesive that holds the diamond in place.
Since diamond band saw blades are designed for specific applications, you must know which type of blade is best suited to the material you plan to cut or grind.
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