Knowledge of woodworking machinery coating machine works

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Coating machine is one of the woodworking machinery, about coating machine working principle is:

used in a variety of molding pressure wheel, simulate the manual cover action, surface decoration materials are attached with a base material surface, generally choose the profile of the centerline or high or low as a starting point, the roller along the profile surface profile, point by point, progressive fixed position, form the envelope section contour.

in addition, how to do coating machine maintenance?

a, working environment should be kept clean, prevent the dust into the coating system, influence the coating quality.

2, reducer lubricating oil in the first time to use 1 months later, a new lubricating oil should be replaced, the replacement once every six months later, big workload, 3 months change one. In the summer high temperature large viscosity reducer lubricating oil should be changed. Winter temperatures low viscosity reducer of lubricating oil should be changed.

the transmission system, chain wheel drive, the chain part add butter 1 times a month. 'Gear transmission system, the turbine should be once every two weeks with butter, turbine tower without oil seal should be butter add 2 times a week.

3, after work, have to shut off the main power supply.

4, repair or adjust the unit, should be handled by the relevant professionals.
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