Korea Doosan Machine Tool won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award

by:Gewinn     2022-04-20
Recently, Doosan Infracore announced that the PUMA SMX series machine tool won the single product design unit award (winner) at the 'Red Dot Awards 2014It is reported that this is the first time that the Korean machine tool industry has won the Red Dot Design Award. The German 'Red Dot Design AwardConduct comprehensive evaluation and award awards. The PUMA SMX series developed by Doosan Machine Tool in South Korea is a new generation of composite processing machines, which embodies the user-centered ergonomic design concept and improves the convenience of users. After its launch in 2013, it won the Korean Good Design Award and the Australian AIDA (Australian International Design Award), and won praise from users for its technological innovation and design completion in many international exhibitions. An official from Doosan Infracore said, “The machine tool industry is also striving to build a distinctive brand identity and ergonomic design from the perspective of user convenience and user sensibility. This award allows us to secure products that are on par with international competitors. Competitiveness will help to further enhance Doosan's brand image.' At present, the concept of 'design before manufacturing' has become the most popular design concept in the world, and China's equipment manufacturing industry has gradually become familiar with, accepted and widely adopted. It is understood that Shenyang Machine Tool began to work hard on the shape design of the machine tool a few years ago, and has derived five new types of products for this purpose. The sales of these new five categories of products exceeded 1 billion yuan that year.
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