Machinery should be how to choose and buy? Teach you correct choose and buy machinery!

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Machinery is a kind of woodworking machinery, there are plenty of species, have automatic machinery, manual, semiautomatic machine and so on, so in the face of so many mechanical how to choose the suitable machine? In the process of choose and buy, we should consider what are the problems? Machinery factory tell you today how should choose and buy? Teach you correct choose and buy machinery! Mechanical method of the right to choose: 1, listen to the manufacturer's product introduction, from the machine specification, performance, use scope, operation method, price, service, etc. , and the machine has a general sense. 2, the choose and buy of machinery mainly depends on the shape of the machining characteristics, sealing side material category, should also consider the problem such as productivity and quality. 3 outside, see machinery in good condition. Check all parts, accessories are complete, see manufacturer demonstrated the staff presentation, see bonding effect, to grasp the essentials of operating the machine. 4, linear sealing side is often used in office furniture and cabinet modelling simple products, such as configuration main consideration the increase or decrease in production and some features, such as the edge banding material such as PVC or ABS to scraper device; Article of real wood sealing side, need to increase the tinker device; To ensure the quality of sealing side is not affected by low winter temperatures, best equipped with preheating device of machinery; There are many other optional additional configuration, such as automatic tracking the rounded trimming function, milling cutter device, etc. 5, open the machine commissioning. Check whether the power supply, air supply lines open, sensitive, whether host spindle running smoothly, no noise, etc. Based on the user decide to buy it or not. Above is all the matters needing attention when the choose and buy machinery, hope these can bring effective help, on-the-spot investigation suggest that to the best manufacturers.
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