Madonna of Spain sets up China representative office in Shanghai

by:Gewinn     2022-04-22
Madonna of Spain is one of the world's top manufacturers of machine tool accessories. Its products include driven tool holders, angle heads, spindle speed increasers, multi-axis systems, high-speed precision spindles and thread whirling solutions for Swiss slitting lathes and aerospace, Special high-efficiency machining solutions for the pharmaceutical, automotive, and heavy industries, world leaders in Swiss turning heads and whirling systems! We accept the customization of non-standard products, and our strong technical research and development and manufacturing capabilities provide guarantee for the special processing requirements of customers! As the world's top manufacturer of high-efficiency machine tool accessories, we have been working hard and innovating continuously for more than 50 years to provide our customers with high-quality, high-efficiency and high-precision machine tool accessories, which greatly improves the efficiency and reliability of machine tools. sex and precision. Our products are widely used in aerospace, military defense, automobiles, energy equipment, medical equipment, molds, construction machinery and other fields! As China becomes an emerging country of world manufacturing and innovation, we set up a representative office in Shanghai to provide Chinese customers with our advanced products and services!
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