Maintenance and adjustment of frequency converter technique

by:Gewinn     2020-04-12
There is a frequency converter in the numerical control woodworking lathe, if the case of damage may affect the normal use, so how to rule out the fault of converter? Aiming at this problem, below we come to explain for everybody. Accidentally discovered a dongdong, hope to help everyone inverter parameter setting and the common problem frequency converter to the parameter setting of inverter parameter setting is very important in the process of debugging. Due to improper parameter setting, can't meet the needs of production, lead to the failure of the starting, braking, or work often tripping, serious when burned power module IGBT or device, such as rectifier bridge. Different varieties of frequency converter, and quantity is also different. Generally about 50 ~ 60 single function control inverter parameter values, multi-function control the parameters of the frequency converter has more than 200. But no matter parameters more or less, whether or not to put all the parameters in debugging is reset? No, most can not change, as long as can be, according to the factory value when used as long as the original factory values are not suitable to reset can, such as external terminal * works, analog *, basal frequency, the highest frequency and maximum frequency, lower frequency, start time, braking time ( And the way) , hot electron protection, over-current protection, carrier frequency, stalling protection and overvoltage protection must be reset. When the operation is improper, then adjust other parameters. Numerical control lathe work frequency converter maintenance and debugging skills? Commissioning of the common questions deal with the appropriate starting time setting principle is short shoulds not be long, see the following values. The set values for the over current OC is too small, appropriate increase, can add to maximum 150%. Experience value of 1. 5 ~ 2 s/kW, small power take larger; More than 30 kW, 2 s/kW. Press the start key * RUN, motor stalling. That excessive load torque, starting torque is too small ( Try to improve) 。 Press STOP immediately to STOP at this moment, otherwise, time grows, the motor to be burned. For motor does not turn is locked-rotor state, the electric E = 0, at this time, the ac impedance value Z = 0, only dc resistance is very small, so it is dangerous to current is very big, will be tripping OC. Braking time setting principle is appropriate short shoulds not be long, easy to produce the overvoltage trip OE. Deceleration time the specific value shown in table 1. With free brake pump blower advisable, a quick power brake are prone to serious 'water hammer' effect. Starting frequency set to accelerate starting advantage, especially in the light load more applicable, for heavy load starting frequency values, increasing starting current, at low frequencies are more likely to skip the current OC, generally start frequency starting from 0. Starting torque is set to accelerate starting advantage, especially in the light load is more applicable, when the heavy load starting torque value is big, increasing starting current, at low frequencies are more likely to skip the current OC, usually starting torque starting from 0. Basal frequency setting basal frequency standard is 50 hz, 380 V, V/F = 380/50 = 7. 6. But because of the heavy load, Such as extrusion machine, washing machine, dryer, mixing machine, mixer, dryer, etc. ) Often won't start, and the other parameters are often useless, so the base frequency is a effective method. About 50 hz value decreased, can be reduced to 30 hz or less. At this point, the V/F7. 6, that is, under the same frequency increased especially at low frequency output voltage ( The torque ∝ U2) 。 So overloaded negative in general
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