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by:Gewinn     2022-05-25
The loss of the instrument largely depends on the use environment and frequency of use. In order to make the measuring instrument serve the measurement with good accuracy for a long time, it is necessary to do daily maintenance. The roundness/cylindricity shape measuring machine is a measuring instrument used to measure and evaluate the geometric tolerance of roundness. Today, the editor will take the RA-2200 model as an example to briefly introduce the maintenance method of the roundness/cylindricity instrument. RA-2200 series safety comes first. Precautions during maintenance work When starting to maintain the equipment, please pay attention to safety. Usually, a warning safety label is attached to the body of the measuring machine. Taking the RA-2200 model as an example, the place where the safety label is attached is often a place with a high probability of occurrence of danger. For safety reasons, please confirm the label in advance before proceeding. ——Safety label on the main body——When the X axis is feeding in the Z axis direction, do not put your head, hands or fingers between the long hole on the side of the column and the sliding part of the main unit. Contact here may result in electric shock or burns, do not remove this cover. To avoid injury, equipment damage, or loss of equipment accuracy, use caution when relocating this instrument. Please pay attention to safety when handling. ——Safety label on the controller——When carrying out maintenance work, it is necessary to turn off not only the power switch on the front panel, but also the main power switch on the back, otherwise there will be a risk of accidents caused by mechanical runaways and electric shocks. ——Other safety precautions——The machine with the air bearing on the rotary table must be used in the state of air supply at the specified pressure. The specified pressure is 0.39MPa (4.0kgf/cm2), and the power must be turned OFF during wiring and maintenance work. Prevent accidents caused by mechanical runaway during maintenance work. This measuring machine is assembled with high-voltage parts, please do not disassemble the cover by yourself. External cleaning and maintaining the accuracy of measuring equipment The first step is to maintain the cleanliness of the machine itself. When cleaning the outside of the instrument, use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe off any dirt on the outside of the instrument. When it is difficult to clean up, please use a wrung soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent diluted with water to wipe, and then dry it with a dry cloth. Do not use cloths containing benzene, thinner or chemicals, as this will cause the finish on the exterior of the instrument to fade or peel. Stylus replacement and installation When replacing or cleaning the stylus, remove it vertically. When reloading, you need to make sure that the groove of the stylus mounting part and the clamping position of the mounting spring are correct. For the lubrication and maintenance of the column, please open the shells on both sides of the column in the following order and apply lubricating oil for maintenance. 1) Unscrew and remove the upper limit/lower limit limit screw of the stroke. 2) Open the housing of the column. 3) Apply lubricating oil to the guide rail surface near the upper end of the column. Lubricate regularly according to usage. Tips: If necessary, you can consult Mitutoyo for regular inspection services such as precision inspection and lubrication. Replacing the fuse The fuse is on the back of the control box and needs to be replaced in time if necessary. Fuse replacement steps: 1) Turn off the power of the control box to ensure that it is in the OFF state. The power cord of the control box is disconnected from the socket. 2) Use a screwdriver, coin, etc. to take out the fuse holder cover and remove the fuse. 3) Insert the new fuse into the fuse holder, and then close the fuse holder cover. [Rated value: 250V, 3.15A (5*20mm)]. Please use a fuse of the same shape and rated value, otherwise a fire or internal circuit damage may occur. 4) Connect the power cord to the socket again to complete the replacement. The battery replacement of the rotary table is equipped with the digital micrometer head of the D.A.T rotary table. Its battery life is about 1~2 years. When the upper part of the LCD displays, the battery is low. Please replace the battery according to the figure below. Use a precision screwdriver to remove the 2 screws of the battery cover. Gently slide the battery with your finger before removing it. Insert a precision screwdriver, etc. into the gap and take out the old battery, taking care not to force the load on the inside. Insert the new battery and install it in the reverse order of the above. Tips: The battery is not a rechargeable battery, do not charge the battery, and do not reverse the positive and negative electrodes during installation. Please dispose of the battery properly. Improper handling may cause leakage or explosion, resulting in environmental pollution, personal or property hazards. Maintenance after measurement 1) Please dust off the rotary table and apply anti-rust oil. 2) Confirm whether all screws loosened during maintenance are tightened; 3) Confirm whether all used tools, materials and other utensils have been removed from the work site; 4) Clean the work site and remove leaked substances if necessary (liquids, processing materials, etc.); 5) Confirm that all safety devices of this product work properly and are set correctly.
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