Maintenance of CNC punch press bearing 'five steps'

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
CNC punch press bearing will conduct regular maintenance to ensure its efficiency and service life, simple today we know about the nc punch press bearing maintenance need to take the five small steps. 1 check fast CNC punch press slide guide rail and guide gap measurement and friction surface check, the question of adjusted correction when necessary. 2 check the test condition CNC punch press balance cylinder oil and engine oil lubrication system. 3 motor circuit and electric circuit of the insulation resistance test operation. 4 CNC punching accuracy test, if necessary, adjust the correction. 5 punching machines and accessories of the clean appearance, sort and mechanical foot ( Basis) With screw, nut locking and level adjustment if necessary. CNC punching machine is not only to the daily inspection, some places need often lubrication, wipe, once appear problem, should immediately stop testing.
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