Manipulation of the numerical control woodworking lathe matters needing attention

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
1. Check whether the cover and door and other safety protection device is safe, working properly. 2. On the machine in automatic operation, all moving parts to operate automatically in accordance with the program, check all the moving parts of movement at the same time, should be smooth, no abnormal noise. 3. Spindle before operation, collet chuck or knob should be tight, in case the collet chuck jaw throw or fly out. 1. Temperature rise of 4 June. Check the motor, mechanical system, make sure there are no abnormal noise. Check each part of the machine tool lubrication condition. 5. If the machine idle for a period of time, must be carried out on the machine tool operation temperature. To make the machine durable service life, stable and reliable accuracy.
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