Manipulator of the few professional demonstration punch

by:Gewinn     2020-04-03
Manipulator can be done automatically according to the process of primary rules of action, to realize object automatically clip and shipping. Because the robots can easily change process, and thus often transform in the production of small and medium-sized pieces of stamping products, more is of great significance to realize production automation. Punch manipulator structure generally consists of executive system, driving system, control system, etc. Execution system, manipulator grasping or release products, realize all kinds of operating system of movement, by the arm, wrist and hand and other parts. Drive system, to carry out system components of the power system, such as pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and mechanical forms. Pneumatic speed is quick, simple structure, low cost, high repeat positioning accuracy; Large hydraulic arm strength, which can realize continuous control, high positioning accuracy, but easy to leak and pollution products. Control system, and through the drive system to control, make the execution system according to the scheduled work demands, and the action of execution system modification system would like to know more information about punch manipulator, please log on to http://www. gmrcsk。 com/
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